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high efficiency vertical PDT photon light therapy machine - Skin Target II
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Product: Views:57high efficiency vertical PDT photon light therapy machine - Skin Target II 
Brands: HEMS
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Product Description

              high efficiency vertical PDT photon light therapy machine -- Skin Target II

Skin Target II:It give skin care new dimensions.the system from HEMS opens a whole new set of possibilities. photon light therapy machine

  • One Diamond Microdermabrasion Handle
  • One Pixel Radio Frequency Handle
  • One Ultra Impact Handle
  • One Big PDT Photon Handle

  • One Diamond Microdermabrasion Handle

Diamond exfoliation gently improves the surface of the skin,removes dead cells and increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to all skin layers.

  • One Pixel Radio Frequency Handle

Pixel RF delivers radiofrequency energy via a micro matrix roller tip that creates multiple, controlled micro-stimulation with a zone of thermal energy on the skin tissue, surrounding the running or moving zone.
This applicator is indicated for the improvement of fine lines, striae marks and wrinkles in addition to insertions creams and therapeutic reagents.


  1. Acne, including acne scars
  2. Treatment of scars
  3. Treatment of fine lines, striae marks and wrinkles
  4. Skin resurfacing
  • One Ultra Impact Handle

The Ultra Impact handpiece emits gentle acoustic waves and air pressure which help to advance topical cosmetic products into the top layers of the skin, creating a "push and pull" effect within the channels to release the buildup of intra-cellular fluid and help the product more rapidly advance into the skin to the targeted tissue depth.


  1. Enhancing the delivery of topical cream and lotions helps to promote cosmetic ingredient absorption
  2. Increases absorption and enhancement of cosmetic creams and lotions
  3. Deep/Fast overall coverage
  4. Assists in the reduction in appearance of fine lines
  5. Bright, energized, smoother skin
  6. Get enhanced results from the existing cosmetics you're already using
  7. Can be layered with your own creams
  • PDT:4 different colours of light

The photocare emits a visible light at certain wavelengths at a sufficient light power using LEDs, generates a sequence of biological reactions which stimulates cells, enhancing elastin and collagen synthesis and providing beneficial effects in the skin.
Photocare achieves a phototherapy effect that affects cell metabolism activating skin tissue repair enzymes, vasodilatory effects and collagenesis. It also has a photoporation effect, so the beauty products applied can more effectively penetrate skin tissue due to the opening of transient micropores induced by LED light.

  • Red Light at 640nm
  • Blue narrow band 450nm
  • Green narrow band 525nm
  • Orange narrow band 590nm

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